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HR Policy


Because Onetech is growing, we are constantly searching for new talent.

This asset primarily goes to our HR strategy that emphasizes human capital and promotes career development in an environment full of transparency, fairness and justice.

The excellent asset of Onetech is due to HR.

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Training Policy

Onetech is an industrial group operating in a quite particular sector which is in continuous movement and which requires a high level of skills and technology. This group is at the heart of a growing evolution and openness on the environment taking into account the circumstances of the ployment market. This is why it adopts a rather specific training policy aimed at performance and the quality.

Its training policy accompanies and anticipates changes in the sector and seeks to bridge the gaps between academic training and specific needs in order to adapt skills and talents to current and future market needs. In addition, this group is open and promotes partnerships such as EFE (education for employment), which prepares new recruits for behavior in terms of being able to facilitate their integration into the company.

Thereafter, Onetech‘s training policy promotes creativity, innovation and performance and tries to develop managerial skills by adopting a modern management style in order to improve the quality of its products.

Onetech aims to improve behavioral, relational, managerial and transversal competences as well as performance in terms of training courses and soft skills that are part of a unique and unique academy at Onetech, which is “Onetech University“. “Onetech University” aims to reinforce the company’s values in terms of innovation, commitment, collective strength and agility and aims to improve technical skills and transversal skills with intern academies to form the category of operators and technicians on technical modules by trades training.