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Eleonetech is a leading company in the electronic assembly and the integration of complete electromechanical systems for several applications such as industrial automation, energy, telecommunication & automotive.

Eleonetech provides on time reliable subassemblies in line with market requirements through its synergies with its sister companies, its geographical proximity, process development know how and competitiveness aiming at exceeding customer expectations.

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  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Telecom

Turnover by Sector

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CONFORMAL COATINGSelective coating, spray and dipping Potting in Housing or specific mold
SMTequipped with four lines compliant with automotive requirements.
SPI and AOI inline. Material and process traceability with interlock capability.
Placement of all standard SMD components, pin in paste connectors and exotic parts.
TESTICT test with Flying Probe or bed of nails fixtures
Development of functional test solutions
PIN INSERTTerminal insertion and press fit with force monitoring

  • Automatic insertion for axial and radial components
  • Automatic and semi-automatic preforming tools
  • Three wave soldering machines available for lead free and leaded process
  • Depaneling by milling and V-scoring
  • PC-610-A qualified operators for visual inspection and touch up operations.


ELEONETECH Industrie has adopted a continuous improvement approach based on the permanent satisfaction of our customers. To achieve that purpose, we have launched at our factory the 5S Kaizen standard in addition to QRQC daily meetings (Quick Response Quality Control) for the development and commitement of all our teams.

The quality management is handled by PDCA process (Plan-Do-Check-Act) so as to meet the needs of our customers and ELEONETECH Industrie.

ELEONETECH Industrie is certified in accordance with the strictest international standards.

OUR strengths

Thanks to teamwork, gemba philosophy and kaizen mindset our manufacturing system is continuously improving to get more reliable process and products.
Eleonetech team is state of art porsitioned

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