Delivering in 25 Countries

Proximity & expantion

Our location ,Tunisia, offers a privileged geographical position to serve Europe in a competitive international market :

  • 2-3 hours flight to Europe and 3-5 days shipping door to door
  • Mixed culture, close to south European one
  • Different languages spoken: Arabic, French, English, Italian, German …etc
  • Ranked 76 in the Global Innovation Index ( before Morocco, India, Egypt, etc.)
  • 2nd African manufacturer of Automotive Components
  • Free trade Agreement with EU (Advanced partner), Turkey, Maghreb Countries


Site 1

Bizerta , Tunisia

Production of PCB, Cable, Wire harnesses, EMS, Electronic and mechanical modules, plasting moulding

Site 2

Grombalia , Tunisia

Production of Cables

Site 3

Tunis , Tunisia

Headquarters, ICT business

Site 4

Tanger, Morocco

Plastic moulding and Electromechanical modules