As a dual leverage for the acquisition of technology and gaining access to foreign markets, partnership with international leaders has been, ever since the creation of the group, the cornerstone of One Tech’s strategy. Thus industrial partnerships have been signed with leading firms, which allowed transfer of technology. Excellence in knowledge was also driven by partnerships with our customers and suppliers, with whom we have built cooperation where learning is a basic requirement.

joint venture


The world’s leader in the cable industry, acting with two industrial leading brands, Prysmian & Drakan

TBI (France)

Specializing in single-material injection, bi-material molding automated for the automotive, industrial And security application. It operates through seven sites in France, Hungary and Spain.


BSE is an electronic manufacturing services company based in France..


Italian leader in the field of electronic. ELEMASTER stands as a reference for the development and competitiveness of its customers. IT designs and engineeri its product services, as well as integrates industrial activities for the manufacture of components to its customers and the production of printed circuit boards.