Eleonetech provides on time reliable subassemblies in line with market requirements through its synergies with its sister companies, its geographical proximity, process development know how and competitiveness aiming at exceeding customer expectations.

Eleonetech offers electronic manufacturing services including SMT, manual insertion, leaded and lead free wave soldering as well as coating, potting, mechanical assembly and testing.

As part of its process activities, Eleonetech develops In Circuit Test and Functional Test equipments and ensures the conception and fabrication of automation systems and dedicated manufacturing tools.

Furthermore and through its established network of local, european and asian suppliers, Eleonetech secures the full supply chain from components procurement till delivery.

EOT Process Capacity and Capability

Full service provider for our customres & partners 

    • CoDesign / routing with our partners
    • New Product Introduction (NPI)
    • Development of ICT and FCT tools
    • Conception, Development & Fabrication of Automation systems
    • Conception & Fabrication of industrialisation tools
    • Implemented partnership with testing laboratoires ( 3D optical measurements, µ sections, contamination measurement, solderability testing, …)
    • Process FMEA & PPAP
    • Electronic manufacturing services and full product integration


  • Full Traceability: link between the product unique serial number and the component unique ID in 2 ways
  • Collect real time production, process and material data
  • Process management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality management
  • Reporting


SMD process traceability and interlock description

Quality strategy

Our Strengths


2 platforms

      • Marseille and Genoa for the European destinations (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland…).

Short Lead Times

      • Door to door deliveries on 3 days.

Increased flexibility

      • Easier activity monitoring, less stock under transit.

As part of OneTech mechatronic division, Eleonetech combines its capabilities in electronic assemblies with its sister companies through sourcing of PCB (Fuba), plastic injected parts (Techniplast) and wire harness (TTEI) to provide a complete solution.

Eleonetech enjoys an environment that optimally associates cost competitivness, process engineering skills matching the industry requirements and geographical proximity to Europe.

global supply chain

Our worldwide procurement and sourcing strategy enable us to deliver to our customers competitive, high quality products.

Customer service is part of our DNA.
Our multilingual staff naturally aims to fulfill your needs.

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