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Inside out electronic manufacturing services

EMS and sub-assemblies

AS a fully integrated Electronic Manufacturing Services Supplier, we accompany you in every stage of the life cycle of your product. From co-design to mass production, our mission is to enhance your product’s potential through high advanced engineering processes, kaizen mindset and quality management.

We span an array of industries mainly Automotive, Energy, Industrial and telecommunications and we collaborate with the world’s most relevant companies as well as innovative and talented startups.

Years of experience

m² of Area




Know how and capabilities

We provide reliable subassemblies at the best possible cost, within an appropriate lead-time, with the aim to satisfy our customers and to go beyond their expectations

Full service provider for our customers & partners.

Electronic manufacturing services and full product integration: Solder paste printerso

  • In-line solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • In-line automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Full Surface mount technology (SMT) lines
  • Wave soldering (Lead free; Leaded)
  • Flying probe testing
  • In-circuit testing capabilities (ICT)
  • Depaneling Machines
  • X-Ray capabilities
  • In-house conformal coating
  • In-house conformal potting
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Terminal Insertion Press Fit Technology

CoDesign / routing with our partners

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Development of ICT and FCT tools

Implemented partnership with testing laboratories

Customer service is part of our DNA

Customized services in line with your industrial needs

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Proven project management and multiple technical skills
  • Meet your quality, cost and time objectives
  • Propose solutions to maximize production output with an optimized industrial product
  • Offer a complete product-management solution from quotation to serial supply and prototypes
  • Implicate our partners in projects as early as the design stage thanks to dedicated teams
  • Promote the adaptability and responsiveness of our suppliers
  • Monitoring of component supply times and obsolescence
  • Being responsive: an integrated ERP, EDI and Web EDI, Customer portals

Product One

Product category

Onetech leverages two decades of design and manufacturing experience to help partners realize cost effective solutions to new product development.

3D Modeling (Solidworks)
Reverse Engineering

 Onetech leverages two decades of design and manufacturing


for a better industry

Using the concept of the One-Stop-Shop, this multiple – activity division gives the customer the opportunity to deal with a single stakeholder, as it provides a complete and integrated solution in electronic and electrical systems that meets all international quality requirements.