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Printed circuits board

30th worldwide in the PCB automotive business

As the first African PCB supplier with high European quality standard and ranked 30th worldwide in the PCB automotive business, we are a leading PCB manufacturer from product concept to maturity. We combine 26 years of experience and collaboration with the world’s greatest companies.

You are creating life changing innovations and products and we are honored to help you make your ideas come true. Our mission is enhancing our customers value through: high-technology and reliability, logistic flexibility and best costs.

We focus on high quality multilayer PCB mass manufacturing, mainly for the European and US automotive industries but also for medical, telecom and industrial sectors.

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km² prod. capacity / year


Know how and capabilities

Our advanced lines and fully integrated management enable us to provide value added pcbs at best costs.

  • DS until 20 Layers Board Thick copper: inner layer 210 µm (5Oz) and inner layers 140 µm (4OZ)
  • Press fit and Carbon application
  • IMS application: Insulated metal substrate
  • Semi Flex with 2 times binding angles Depth routed PCB’s
  • Impedance Controlled PCBs including coupons availibility
  • HDI boards mechanically drilled with a capability of metalizing 150µm hole diameter Line/Space width 75µm Thick core inner layers 50 µm »

Product One


Onetech leverages two decades of design and manufacturing experience to help partners realize cost effective solutions to new product development.

3D Modeling (Solidworks)
Reverse Engineering

Onetech leverages two decades of design and manufacturing


for a better industry

Using the concept of the One-Stop-Shop, this multiple – activity division gives the customer the opportunity to deal with a single stakeholder, as it provides a complete and integrated solution in electronic and electrical systems that meets all international quality requirements.