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They are used as a subscriber line cable in local distribution networks for short and medium distances.
The cavities of the cable core are filled continuously with viscous compound to avoid water penetration.


VDE 816


1- Conductors :
Each conductor consists of a solid wire of annealed, grade A copper, having a diameter of 0.6 mm or 0.8 mm.

2- Insulation :
Each conductor is insulated with a layer of solid polyethylene. The thickness shall be according to DIN VDE 0816 table 4

3- Stranding :
- Quadding
Four appropriately coloured insulated conductors are assembled together to form a quad.
- Unit stranding
- Five star quads stranded to sub units; each 5 or 10 sub units stranded to main units and the sub or main units stranded to cable core.

4- Filling
The cables are fully filled with a high grade, high drop point, petroleum based, jelly compound..

5- Wrapping
A wrapping tape is applied over the cable core It consists of:
- An outer layer of absorbing paper materiel.
- An inner layer of insulating polyester tape.

6- Moisture barrier
Over the wrapping tape, is applied an aluminum tape (0.2 mm of thickness) coated on both sides with polymer.

6- Sheath
The sheath is black low density polyethylene (2YM2) containing 2,5 0.5% carbon black.

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