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Petroleum jelly filled cables for local distribution telecommunication networks, suitable for drawing into ducts. The armoured cables can be directly burried


International Electro-technical Commission IEC standard, Publication 708 - 2 and 708 - 1


1- Conductors :
Each conductors consist of solid wire of annealed, grade A copper, having a diameter of 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm.

2- Insulation of conductors :
Conductors having a diameter of 0,8 mm are insulated by high density colored polyethylene.
The thickness of the insulation is such that the electrical requirements are met.
3- Assembling:

Insulated conductors are assembled to form a quad.
4- The protection sheath

Black low density polyethylene complying with UTE 32 - 060

5- Suspension wire

It is made up of assembled galvanized steel wires.

6- Cable filling

The cable cavities are filled with a material commonly called “Petro-jelly” in accordance with technical specifications NFC 93-526.


These cables do not contain any substance referred to in the European Decree N° 2002/95/EC(RoHS) of January 27, 2003, relating to limiting the use of certain dangerous substances in electric and electronic equipment.

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