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Telereport cables armoured or non armoured are for Data transmission between power or fluid counters and the property's interface box They are suitable for installation inside buildings, on walls or in duct.


Our cables are produced according to the NFC33-400 French standard.


1- Conductors :
Each conductor consists of a solid wire of annealed copper, having a diameter 0,6 mm.

2- Insulation
Each conductor is insulated with a layer of PVC material category TI51.
The radial thickness of the insulation is such that the electrical requirements are met.

3- Stranding
- Quadding
Four appropriately coloured insulated conductors are assembled together to form a quad.

4- Wrapping
A polyester wrapping tape is applied over the core.
5- Screen
Over the wrapped core cable is applied an aluminium tape, coated on one side with polyester. It has a total minimum thickness of about 30 microns.

6- Drain and continuity wire
A solid tinned copper conductor of 0.5 mm diameter is applied under the screen in contact with the aluminium face to ensure its continuity.
7- Rip cord
A polyester thread is applied under the inner sheath.
8- Sheath

The inner sheath is lead free and other heavy metal free PVC, Ivory colour RAL1013, UV resistant and flame retardant (category C2 according to NFC32070 2.1).
9- Armouring
Over the inner sheath can be applied helically two black steel tapes of 0,2 mm thickness or one corrugated steel tape applied over a bedding consisting of a polyester tape .

10- Outer sheath
Only for the armoured cable ,the outer sheath is lead free and other heavy metal free PVC, Black colour and flame retardant (category C2 according to NFC32070 2.1).
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