OneTech Mechatronics: Going along with the automotive trends

Written by Chirine Dhouib

OneTech Group is a global industrial player operating in the automotive, energy and industry sectors. With 40 years of expertise in the cable, mechatronics and ICT sectors, we support our customers as a reliable technology partner. Building industrial excellence and value brand is our DNA.

mardi, Mai 21

The way the world moves is changing. As an industrial group operating mainly in mechatronics, OneTech is aware of all these challenges and increasingly involved with its customers in innovative projects that provide intelligent solutions for a reinvented mobility.

V2X connectivity solution

The mechatronics division of OneTech group has the pleasure to work on innovative solution in collaboration with its client, one of the world most famous OEM.

Indeed We are developing an electromechanical module enabling a V2X connectivity solution for a mobility that revolutionizes the daily life of the user.

Such a product  will change your habits in terms of car rental. No need to move to the agency to book a vehicle and sign the contract, you will receive a code directly on your mobile. No need for keys to open or start the car, your smartphone is more than enough. Thanks to an interface solution and a Bluetooth connection, the car can connect to your smartphone and you can control everything with your fingertips.

Your vehicle reservation experience will be completely digitized!

Technical plastic injection for electric car use

As for the electric car, OneTech group is also looking into the subject and is currently working on technical plastic parts of the housing of the electronic map for electric cars on behalf of its customers; OEMs of the world’s leading automotive brands. Another co-design project for electric car beam optimization is coming up soon after the recent nomination of the group on several projects.

Digitization, automation, big data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the user’s experience and consequently the strategies of car manufacturers and industrial suppliers. Likewise, OneTech Group continues to meet the challenges of innovation by always keeping its customers at the heart of its development strategy.

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