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jeudi, Jan 23

In recent years, the automotive industry has experienced an increase in electronic architecture complexity. Indeed, safety, comfort and environmental issues are deeply affecting customers specifications and car manufacturers development strategies.

To address this global concern, automotive industry players established the AUTOSAR consortium.

Autosar specifies a model-based working method and ensures hardware abstraction when designing embedded applications.

High-integrity systems within the automotive industry should be developed in compliance with ISO2626-2, the international standard for road vehicle functional safety.


Disruptive automotive technologies are definitely redefining the automotive market. At Sofia Technologies, hardware and software design subsidiary of OneTech group, we are establishing our automotive activities based on these new technologies and until now we’ve developed an automotive platform called BIS@T (Built In Smart Automotive Toolchain).

It includes various tools like the LinkUp Auto Board and the Infineon board AURIX.

SOFIA Technologies is also focusing on the continuous improvement of CAN and LIN protocol applications development and the integration of the calibration protocol, CCP as well.

LIN and CAN protocols are the most used communication protocols in the automotive application. We launched our first activities by implementing both protocols under AURIX and LinkUp Auto Board platforms.

The implementation process is based on the development of the AUTOSAR’s Basic Software which includes the development of the driver layer and services layer passing by the interface layer of each protocol. The development process for both platforms is the same except the driver layer which depends on the used microcontroller (ATMEL and TRICORE).

In order to implement those protocols many specifications and requirements shall be taken into consideration.

The work environment shall support the AUTOSAR standard. In this context, SOFIA Technologies picked the first open source, certified OSEK/VDX RTOS, ERIKA Enterprise along with the other development tools that supports AUTOSAR standard.

Next to driver’s implementation, other activities have been considered mentioning the CCP implementation. The calibration protocol is highly used in the automotive field to calibrate parameters value during the system runtime.


Alongside the complexity increase, the automotive industry witnesses a big evolution as the communication technologies converge. The connectivity concept has been the major trend in nowadays activities that makes its integration in the automotive industry a must. Connected cars, smart cars, e-mobility makes cyber-physical system more complex.

As becoming our key product feature, at SOFIA Technologies, we are integrating the connectivity in our activities in order to produce a complete solution fitting the technology flow and our clients specifications..

Thus, LinkUp Auto Board is a complete solution for the evaluation of the outstanding capabilities of a variety of microcontrollers. It carries the necessary infrastructure for demonstration of specific device characteristics and comprehensive software allowing to fully benefit from the devices features and added values.

LinkUp Auto Board have extension connectors that give access to most of the device’s I/Os and make the add-on hardware connection possible. These features make this board a best solution for prototyping.

LinkUp Auto Board passed through several testing algorithms and validation to ensure the efficiency of the board’s connections.


The mechatronics division of OneTech group is a multiple–activity division providing the customer a complete and integrated solution in electronic and electrical systems; from hardware design, software development to PCB & sub-assembled manufacturing.

OneTech group have built its strategy around value creation through engineering and synergy between the sisters companies of the group allowing a much higher added value for our clients in order to accompany them in their digital journey.

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