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Written by Chirine Dhouib

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jeudi, Nov 14

OneTech Group launched an advanced metrology laboratory in China to control its plastic parts during the development of new tools.

TECHNIPLAST specializes in plastic injection

TECHNIPLAST, a subsidiary of OneTech group specializing in the plastic injection of technical components, opens the doors of its new laboratory implemented in China.

Employing an expert in charge of the development of the supplier panel as well as the follow-up of the achievements and a metrologist whose mission is to control the plastic parts during the development of the new tools.


This metrology office is a crucial point of connection which allows the group of to ensure the permanent follow-up of the tools to be realized in china, to shorten the project milestones by doing the metrology and the validations on the spot and thus to reduce the delays of development of the new projects knowing that it is the second criterion of selection of the customers after the price competitiveness and that the planings are likely to tighten with the launch of autonomous and personalized cars.

TECHNIPLAST is more than ever ready to support its automotive OEM customers with the new development time constraint. This is now a huge competitive advantage in an ever-changing industry.

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