The Rise Of Women: OneTech group joins the initiative EconoWin from GIZ

Written by Chirine Dhouib

OneTech Group is a global industrial player operating in the automotive, energy and industry sectors. With 40 years of expertise in the cable, mechatronics and ICT sectors, we support our customers as a reliable technology partner. Building industrial excellence and value brand is our DNA.

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In light of the importance of changing perceptions of women’s work particularly in the industrial sector, OneTech group participates in the Economic Integration program in the MENA region (EconoWin) launched by the GIZ.

Fig: OneTech group joins the initiative EconoWin from GIZ 

When Women Work Economies Win

For nearly a decade, consulting firms and research institutes have been working on the issue of gender diversity in business and the importance of female talent in the labor market. Indeed, studies have shown that a gender-diversified workforce is a major competitive advantage for companies.

“The equal participation of women and men in the economy can increase global annual GDP by $28 billion until 2025, a growth of 26%. In the Middle East and North Africa, the potential gain for annual GDP is estimated at $2.7 billion, an increase of 47 percent” McKinsey Global Institute.

On the basis of this postulate, we led the reflection within our organization.

The Rise Of Women by OneTech

Fig: Team building “Rise of Women”, OneTech group

Proud as we are of employing as many women as men, a gap could still be observed in the category of managers where men dominate largely. Our approach was carried out over three stages:

1. Assessments and analytics

Strategy is most effective when it is driven by real insights.
We gathered data from our organization through tools ike interviews, and focus groups.
Stereotypes and psychological obstacles have emerged and been collected.

2. Strategic planning and communication campaigns

We incorporated gender diversity in our Long-term Strategy as one of the most important aspect of developing sustainable change in our organization. Including recruiting female talents, retaining and developing our employees, and using communication to raise awareness and build an inclusive workplace.

3. Generating an actionnable initiative based on training

Transforming gathered data into individual development plans customized according to each woman’s profile to help her develop her skills, build self-confidence and expand its ambitions. Our inclusion initiative is fully supported by our executives who understand why is it critical for long-term success.

We use our assessment center to identify the development needs of every woman and We have developed our e-learning platform in support of these development plans.

Best Gender Diversity Practices 

Furthermore, GIZ has established the “Peer To Peer” exchange program which allows openness on companies’ best practices incentivizing gender diversity actions. We have been inspired to intensify our efforts to close the gender gap to both employment and leadership and Ingrain Gender Diversity in our Company Culture.

Fig: Peer to Peer Exchange Program, visit to Bosch

4% increase of OneTech’s Women Managers 

Although this initiative is recent; the project has only started in 2018, we are already showing very encouraging results. Indeed, an increase of 4% is observed in the ranks of Women Managers of OneTech.

We are unanimous; Gender diversity offers a better understanding of our clients’ needs,  much greater performance and productivity and above all an ability to imagine and develop much more diverse and Innovative solutions. Not to mention the impact of women’s integration on stability and societal engagement in the workplace.

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